world-according-to-monsantoTechnology in our world is progress. It enabled us to crawl out of the water when uninhabitable, and make fire to cook our food and stay warm. Now it takes us to work and allows us to communicate with people all over the world instantaneously. It even cleans our house while we are away.

But like everything, technology comes at a price. For instance, the price of those amazing smart phones is always being reachable, and missing important things that our presence would have given us, such as a sunset, a conversation with our child, or a stop sign.

We must become more responsible with technology in order to protect ourselves from huge disasters, such as:

  • Nuclear Power Plant Meltdowns such as those in Japan, Russia and the U.S. that killed tens of thousands of people and injured millions more.
  • Oil platform and tanker accidents that have killed scores of animals, and cost billions of dollars
  • Genetically modified crops, which are causing countless allergic reactions, birth defects and a weakening of our species.
  • Most recently, the loss of 20 precious children and six adults in the Connecticut school shooting, courtesy of automatic weapons being within reach of a 19-year-old with mental illness, despite gun laws among the strictest in the nation.

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