Ever heard of Morse Code? How ’bout S.O.S., a widely-recognized military and/or maritime distress call?

This country needs an S.O.S. right now, don’t you think? Some big areas that need change:

The Federal Reserve System affords banks huge profits, while watering down our buying power, pushing families out of their homes, and creating poverty. When you sign a mortgage, banks can bororow 9x that amount almost interest-free. If we ended the Fed, we could limit the power of banks and government, have lower debt, pay for education, and programs for the needy, and not just line the pockets of wealthy politicians and business owners. Good news: there is a growing movement to take down the Federal Reserve.

Police are not above the law. If I were a black man, I would be for civil war right now, based on what we’ve seen in Ferguson, Staten Island, Chicago, Detroit, etc. Good news: people of all races and beliefs are marching alongside blacks, and newspapers such as The Boston Globe are breaking stories about the double standard that allows the police to break laws and get off scot free.

Crops are for the most part grown with nitrogen fertilizer, which comes from petroleum. It wreaks havoc on the environment in its creation, and makes our food toxic. Organic farming, on the other hand, is sustainable, and helps our health, as well as that of animals, and the environment. Good news: Organics is the the fastest growing segment in the food industry.

Roads are made from oil. That is not only raising the percent of CO2 in our atmosphere, but also dirtying our planet. Good news: It sells more cars. 

Paper is made from trees. We need trees alive so we can breathe more easily, and protect our wildlife. As you may know, lung cancer, COPD and asthma are on the rise, and many species are threatened with extinction. We don’t need to use as much paper, as everything is online and on our phones. Good news: Someone recently developed a way to be buried in a tree seed, and turn into a tree. Pretty cool.

Corporations are technically people. That means they undo political power and free speech rights, without responsibilities for the same. This has increased their power, and has reduced the voting power and freedom of Americans. Good news: There is a movement against this as well.

Americans are getting ever more stupid, lazy, unhealthy, and apathetic and addicted.  We have trouble competing on the world job market, we are destroying our land, air and water, and we are sick and unhappy.  I’m not as optimistic here, unless more people can wake up to issues such as Climate Change, Factory Farms, Fracking, Immigration Reform, etc.

Save Our Souls!

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