The wind is singing its wakeup call

4am and so much to be done

Days like this are precious to me

I almost feel like I could do it all.


Clean is good, it frees the spirit

Only time will tell, if it will be enough

Good food and nature show me the way

My body speaks to me, I gotta be empty to hear it.


Today is just one day , but it’s a saturday

I’m healing through and through

When she sees me again tomorrow

I’m sure she’ll see what’s in my heart


Better Days Ahead

Stripping away the buying and selling of objects, people and ideas

has taken the better half of my days. 


Still empty, I fill myself up with food, the kind of food that no merchant

nor customer wants. 


This serves to further separate me from the black hole of commerce

but the folly of most everyone here.


So I am left with a lonely but natural journey, to appreciate the 

end of my days, unfettered by the baggage of lesser things or ties to 

my unknown neighbors.


I am satisfied to alternate one day of living life at its core, and one day

of waiting to return to the planet I know so well.


Sister, Sweet Sister

We were always at odds, but there was love at the core

Too busy being me, I never wanted more.


Now you’re gone, way too soon

I have time to think, are you with me now

or further away than ever, I’ll never know. 


Can this be God’s plan? 

Doesn’t seem fair, you suffering in life,

and all of us now living without your light.


How can I live and honor you?

Do I deserve to ever celebrate again?

You always wanted me to be happy.

Sister, sweet sister, I miss you now.


Life Is Simpler

The sun has come up. It’s at a different angle but it’s bright and warm. 

 I have a mission. Life is simpler. Help people, move slowly. Be present.

My family matters to me. They are fine without me, and I am fine without them.

But I still want to be with them. To have fun with them. To watch them grow.

The world is changing, and we are changing within it.                                                                        Better to love one another now, while we are alive and while we can reduce suffering. 

Spring is glorious. Love is all around me. Let’s celebrate.


Inside Cat

I am like my inside cat, yearning to get out. 

 She loves to eat, but never gets fat.

When it’s time to cuddle, my cat’s purring.

Until the doorbell rings, and plans scuttle.

Every day’s a new day, we make no plans.

After a meal and a nap,  we clean up then play.

I am much like my cat, I guess it’s my new rap.


© 2013 David L. Kagan

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