Do you have music in your life?

Which sounds more like you…

  1. I play one or more instruments and enjoy sharing my music with others
  2. I occasionally or used to play an instrument but don’t do it much
  3. I listen actively to one or more types of music and see shows regularly
  4. I sometimes listen to music
  5. I don’t really enjoy music

It’s been said that having music in one’s life can be therapeutic, and raise their intelligence.

What do you think?

Eureka’s favorite songs:

  1. Don’t Worry, Be Happy–Bobby McFerrin
  2. One Tin Soldier
  3. Peace of Mind–Boston
  4. You Are The Song–The Outlaws
  5. One Day–Matisyahu
  6. Fight the Good Fight–Triumph
  7. I’m With You–Avril Lavigne
  8. Silly Love Songs–Wings With Paul McCartney
  9. Closer to the Heart–Rush
  10. A Drop In the Ocean–Ron Pope

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