Stressed? Own It

We are stressed out. Take a deep breath now, and then let it out with gusto.

Life is hard nowadays, and we are toxic due to pesticides in our food, and undisciplined living and technology.

When we react to life’s stress, sometimes we overreact. Hopefully we don’t do too much damage. Unfortunately, we hear stories every day about police brutality, domestic violence, senseless acts of violence, and lately, terrorism. Nothing is solved by these outbursts, we just fail to control ourselves.

When life happens to you, stop for a minute. Or a day. Whatever it takes to get yourself back together, and make sure you understand your priorities. Be grateful for what you have, and know that any cloud is either likely to pass. People are not in your way. You are in your own way.


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Growing Old Is Hard…Growing When Old Is Really Hard

I deal with a lot of people who are 50+

These people are generally experienced when it comes to many things, and have the funds to pay me, mostly for rides.

Many of them are experiencing new challenges, such as illness of a spouse or their own chronic health problems.

For us old dogs, learning new tricks, especially when we are stressed or sick, is very difficult. Patience and empathy help.

One of the biggest difficulties is with money. Folks don’t always realize that others who are serving them, are trying to put food on the table. If an extra hour or two is required, they may need to pay for it.

But a smile can go a long way.

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Fantastic Cooking Method For The Winter

Went to a cooking class the other day in Brighton, given by Warren Kramer, the world renowned Macrobiotic Healer and Teacher.

We at a superb 5-course meal, but the dish that blew me away for it’s ease and ability to nourish the kidneys and palate, was…

  • Onion Nishime With Sweet Miso
  • 4 whole onions, scored at the top
  • 1-2 inch piece kombu (kelp)
  • 2 teaspoons sweet white miso diluted in a little waster
  • 1 tablespoon chives, chopped for garnish

In a heavy pot place kombu and 1/4 inch of water. Place in the onions and bring to a boil with pot covered. Lower the flame and steam for an hour. Pour diluted miso on top of each onion, and simmer another five minutes. Serve with chives on top.

You will love it!!

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Riders On The Storm


I have now a livery plate in MA, and I can take folks anywhere they want to go, in a nice black sedan. It’s a limousine service, but without the suit and tie.

Given tomorrow’s sub-zero forecast, along with wind and snow, I thought I would broadcast it widely.

It’s nice to be able to help people, and if you know anyone that needs a ride, local or even out of state, please have them call me at 508.333.4153 or go to

FYI the title Riders On The Storm is borrowed from a great song by The Doors.


David Kagan

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Should I Trust The Government?


How many of you remember the famous words from Pink Floyd’s classic deep track from The Wall, Mother?

Our government is really a piece of work. Should we trust the government?

Things are quite screwed up in the U.S., starting with the economy, where despite the news that unemployment is down to 5.4%, we all know that many more cannot find decent jobs, and our earnings and especially buying power (except gas) is lower than at any time in history.

We owe $18 trillion, and it can never be paid back. And we have large banks screwing people left and right, and the U.S. government sues them and puts the money the collect right into their own pocket!

Then there is civil unrest, due to excessive force of police versus black citizens, and the lack of justice following these many appalling actions. It does not justify the murder of police officers, but it does require some change. Will we get that change?

And what about immigration? It is rumored that the 7 million Mexicans that Obama will grant amnesty to will be netting our government billions of dollars, in the form of Obamacare enrollments, and in the monetization of social security numbers. Obamacare is another travesty.

What about the flu vaccine? This sucker is proven to cause thousands of deaths, and lowers the immunity of millions, yet it apparently is completely ineffective this year. Oh well.

What about our foreign relations? Pulling the plug on North Korea after they attacked Sony, which is not even an American company? And it is not like Sony did nothing—their film is quite an affront to humanity.

No, none of us should trust the government. The problem is, we enable the government.

Mother didn’t need to be so high.



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2015 Comes Soon–Will Humanity Ever Grow Up?

China and Russia are mounting large-scale efforts to develop hypersonic weapons systems, and so far they are way ahead of the U.S.

The U.S. and Iran and all of Europe is fighting against ISIS, The Islamic State, to avoid terrorism and the end of the world as we know it.

Sugar, drugs, war, violence, big banks and slavery rule the world, and there is more suffering than in years past in places like the United States. Humanity is up against it.

Why? What can we do? Please answer!!

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2015-The Year The U.S. Fell Apart

Things are bad in the United States. It’s not apparent to many of us, but things are about to fall off a cliff.

Sure, the economy seems strong, but it is a fallacy. There are more people living in poverty in the U.S. than ever before.

Sure, the sky is still blue, but climate change, the loss of species such as bees, bats, fish, etc., and the fouling of our water, air and soil spell doom for future generations.

Sure, you have health insurance, but you are on medications which damage your health, and you haven’t had a truly healthy meal in over 20 years.

Wake up–before it’s too late. Make 2015 just another good year.

One positive step is buying organic food. Another is eating more vegetarian food. Still another, is to join a group such as Transition. Finally, be aware of nature, and protect it where you can. It’s not just an expense. It’s an investment. Thank you!

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Sit On It Potsie!

sit on it

Kudos to Ron Howard and Garry Marshall. Happy Days gives us such fond memories of the 1950s, did it really happen that way?

If so, much has changed, in 60 years.

We are now back in the cold war, and while Communism may be no big deal, there are plenty of other worries, from Ebola to unemployment, and from terrorism to extreme weather.

Last night I saw a television show about how Montana is coming apart at the seams, due to illegal drugs, especially Methamphetamine. One dealer said when he wants to avoid being arrested or ripped off, “I spit on it and sit on it.”

Pray, and look out for ideas that can change our world for the better. Or turn on the TV.

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Beware Of Chemicals At Home


Life in 2014 is pretty complicated. Have you seen all the new technologies available for our homes, cars, etc.? Great stuff, but what is the cost to our health?

First, we tend to get a lot less exercise. When we drive to the store, we often park at the far end of the parking lot so we can get a little bit more movement. Seems to be working!

Next, we are often dealing with toxic products. For instance, a new tub matt or shower curtain, or even a beach ball can have toxic fumes. If you happen to be doing a home fix-up, you can be dealing with chemicals in new carpets, glue, paint, etc.

And cleaning materials from soap and shampoo, to laundry and dishwashing soap, to floor and oven cleaners, can be highly toxic. Seriously.

The main thing is to use your nose, and when you detect chemicals, figure out a way to either outgas them outside, or open windows, or move your family away for a time. Not always easy, but sure beats getting leukemia.

Also, if you are using nail polish, hair spray, hair dye, or bleach, stop immediately. This is doing harm to you and your whole family. Soon, it will be illegal to bring children into nail salons, or do your nails in public. Too many of us are getting cancer, respiratory illnesses, immune disorders and neurological diseases.

Look into it and you will see that it is a growing problem. Be aware!

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Domestic Violence Not Our Fault

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.08.39 AM

Our government spends touts our way of life, and imposes its will on the third world, war-torn regions etc., Meanwhile our country has tons of crime and domestic violence. Shame on us!

Today’s Boston Globe has an article on the domestic violence. Staggering figures this July in Boston, really scary stuff. But it makes sense, when you consider what we are dealing with:

  1. News on war, terrorism, crime, illness, fraud, poverty, etc.
  2. Violence on TV, movies, video games, pro sports, etc.
  3. Government bribes, favors, overtime, waste, fraud, theft
  4. Big business fraud and greed by banks, Walmart, Exxon, etc.
  5. Healthcare, Food, etc. all about money, and keeping us sick
  6. Weapons sold at Dick’s, Walmart, gun shows, pawn shops, etc.

We need real change if we are going to lessen violence in our communities:

First, we need to remake the food system, with 100% organic, which will lower the price for everyone, and only hurt the chemical companies

Next, we need to change the laws so that violence is not readily available to our eyes and ears

Next, we need to improve the education system so that people are taught the value of life, and how to take care of themselves, family, friends, our animal friends, and the Earth. That includes help with addiction.

Next, we need to shut down the Federal Reserve, so the middle class and below can survive

Finally, we need to spend our time healing ourselves, and helping others, instead of focusing solely on finding money to live.

This is the revolution we need. Are you ready?

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